Sunday, April 10, 2016

Showing your art is exhilarating and exhausting

What I learned from doing a joint art show with my husband, Charlie Wisseman:
1) Never say yes to showing in an unheated building (an old railroad freight station in Champaign) when there's any chance of frost. Brrr!
2) Ditto to a unheated building where you plan to spend hours and hours and inhale coffee and wine when there's no bathroom...
3) Get better with Charlie's tools so I can pound in nails neatly and extract them later without tying myself in knots or pounding my thumb...
4) Actually, it wasn't so bad: I wore long underwear and a down vest, stopped drinking coffee and wine for three whole days (ha!), missed my thumb with the hammer and managed not to dent the wall, and really enjoyed myself! 
Charlie's installation (his foot did not remain on display)

My paintings on the walls around his installation

The opportunity to show came because of our local Boneyard Arts Festival. The Boneyard organizers do a great job of helping artists find venues and promoting the shows around Champaign-Urbana. Thank you, 40 North!

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